What Is Happening to Our Bodies?


You mostly have a job and doesn’t matter what it is, I am sure it involves a computer and long duration of sitting on a not so great non-ergonomic chair (your employer cannot afford it) typing stuff.

I take it by now your overlords employers have passed around emails or put up stickers around the office about taking frequent breaks, walking around, rolling your shoulders and wrists. You and I know how diligently we are doing that.

And like with everything important in the world, the majority of the people have no idea about what’s going on but probably just wonder why their back hurts and their neck is stiff all the time. This is just like those having generous servings of rice and grains and perplexed as to why they can’t lose the weight. And of course, self-awareness is a problem too.

Let’s take a short detour into exactly what is happening here.

You can look all this up very easily so nothing much to go into, but the highlights are that sitting for long hours makes your glutes very weak, which then can’t support your back, hips and the pelvic region, so now we have a lot of people walking around with Anterior Pelvic Tilt, back pain, tight hips, rotated hips and the works. Then there’s the RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury problem which happens due to too much use of the mouse and it can go all the way from tingling in your clicking finger to your shoulder. Then there’s the famous “knots in the trapezium” episode, the part which you see a pair of hands massaging in every massage ad, there’s a good reason they chose that part for the ad.

Add in the curve in the neck due to looking down at your laptop problem which gives you the forward permanent bend thing and your head is never directly above your body and the ears are never in a straight line with your shoulders, more pain at the base of the neck.

Till now we just covered the PC use epidemic, there’s the smartphone habit, where you type so much with WhatsApping that your thumbs can go numb and again you are staring down a lot.

Let’s not forget the weight gain problem because you simply cannot spend the excess calories you are consuming — most don’t in our modern world. Not even while shopping thanks to amazon. The weight gain then makes your abs go away and you have no strength in the abdominal muscle which further exacerbates the APT already mentioned.

And you can only use these gadgets if you can see, but the screen sizes everywhere are a standard, and since you spend 20 hours a day on them now, your eye muscles do not have to move a lot. For eg: when reading a PDF your eyes only move from left to right matching the width of the screen and not more, and that’s too less, so yes the muscles in your will get tight and hurt like a MFker. Sanjeev Sabhlok has a full site dedicated to it. And dry eyes, the name says it all. Kids aged 10 are coming to the doctors with this.

It’s documented research now that working on an electronic screen 1-2 hr before bed, overstimulates the eyes and hinders sleep. Yet here I am at 12 AM.

A lot of the research now is doing the “sitting is the new smoking” routine, and I hope to god it works and people and companies wake up to give you a standing desk but that’ll take decades. Hopefully, they come up with promising solutions and tips to fight the problems.

Till then it will be fun to see how this changes the species, are our future generations going to develop more flexible bodies such that the muscles don’t get “tight” or “knotty” no matter how long they sit with the phone pressed between their shoulder and ears while typing away or perhaps some gene which keeps their muscles from tightening up? Will the gland producing the natural lubricant in the eyes produce a better way to keep it from drying away too soon?

One thing is certain though, a lot of people will suffer from all these pains, eye strain, and constant fatigue and probably never find relief because they so caught in the system repeating their bad habits the next day and no matter how diligent you are with taking frequent breaks while at a computer — life will simply get in the way.

Massage therapists and chiropractors are going to be the next billionaires.

Welcome to the machine.

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