What Can Approaching Women Do For A Straight Man

  • November 13, 2020
  • Posted in Dating
approaching women

It’s like asking god if you deserve to exist.

And any answer is a good answer because you dared to ask the question.

— ranstigate

The idea of approaching women is a political battleground now just like with most things… meh. I mean we all know the quote right, the “personal is the political” and all that.

People on the left just have the idea that approaching a woman on the street — a stranger, with a sexual advance like asking for a date is offensive, rude, objectifying, and even harassment.

And the problem begins with the fact that yes it is all of those things to an extent, but hey here’s the important part… what isn’t?

Most things worth doing in life are going to come with some such tangential collateral damage, and every time you assert your needs onto reality yes someone’s going to complain, so what? Your growth and salvation lie in how you manage it, and the moral standard for that is you are not initiating any form of physical force or out to outright hurt anyone! If it goes that bad, then apologize and move on, what else can you even do! Also, the internet makes the idea of left vs right to the extremes, because the psychos are the loudest on the internet, most people on the left won’t really have any problem with this, and never forget there are the psychos on the left who also complains that no one catcalls them, so there, move on.

No one’s here asking men to whistle at women, or catcall them across the street, or touch them when they don’t want to be, I mean read that quote again, why would my brain come with the idea of a covenant with God if I believed an approach is any of those things? This isn’t about religion, I merely use the word God to signify the glory and the psychological effect such bravery has on straight men, the idea that they were worthy of talking to a woman and she obliged!

And now to get really meta here. You are not approaching the woman at all, I mean on the surface of it yes, on the surface of it you want a date, some hot sex, some good company, probably a threesome or two, and those fine things sex has to offer. But if I only wanted to focus on the surface of things then I would be writing for BuzzFeed, wouldn’t I?

Approaching a woman is you approaching yourself but through the lens of the woman’s soul. What another area of your life as a man is going to bring up the insecurities and anxieties like stopping a girl who’s clearly out of your league (why even approach if she isn’t?) with a “hey! excuse me, just thought you looked really cute!”.

Granted, money and looks are a few of those areas, but think about this, on most days poverty isn’t really going to hurt you, it’s going to sting from time to time as any minor nuisance does, what does poverty even entail of? Owning one less pair of jeans? Eating a smaller meal? Tyler Durden fixed the first problem in the movie fight club, and the latter is actually a blessing, food is bad for you anyway. Some eggs and a little water and you will be fine!

And if you still think sexual assertiveness as a man is an inherent vice because its 2020 and you were probably raised by feminists, then have solace in the fact that no matter whether the girl welcomes you or rejects you, both of those are glorious win for women, you lived your truth and gave them the power to choose in real-time, instead of manipulation, lies, and, deceit on an app which is only adding to everyone’s misery.

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