The Theory of Life Credits


Does the image show a young lady or an old woman?

We all understand credit cards, the part of it having a fixed limit beyond which you can’t spend part, at the least.

I am, however, expanding this to mean other parts, a point system for every sphere of human life. I will end up making the same point about health and diet but sometimes having a new angle to look at something just helps me.

It goes something like a limited amount of something which you can do aka “spend”, maybe a factor of time like minutes/hours or could be the number of calories you can consume, I’m sure there are others which we can quantify like this and I’ll update the post as I find them.

Sitting time credit

It’s the new smoking everybody! And with everything moving to computers we are only going to be doing more of it and ruining our backs by 40, so the point here is there’s only so much time in a day you can spend sitting, so make it count. Which basically means if you are seated then you much do what’s most important first because if you spend too much of sitting time on Netflix then all you did is spent above the limit and you will pay for it by increasing the sitting time for the actual work which results in a bonus of back pain, weak glutes, shoulder pain, neck pain, and on and on.

Calories Credit

Food even in its best form is your enemy, a necessary evil! So there’s only so many calories you should be consuming in a day, make it count, prioritize — protein, carbs, fats, you can always google for the correct percentages. If you work in an office then my best guess all you can do is 1500 calories per day, so don’t blow through it with a chocolate donut at 8 am man, and if you do then you have to adjust it somewhere down the line later on. Or else you going to look like a 45-year-old on low testosterone no matter how old you are and will have to cope with it by sharing “don’t care what others think of me” quotes on Instagram, don’t be that guy.

Eye Minutes and RSI Credits

RSI is short for repetitive strain injury, a common friend of mine because I have been using a computer for the last years of my life and no matter how ergonomic I go, the tingling sensation from the base of the back of my neck all the way to my knuckles isn’t going away anytime soon, not unless I foam roll it twice per day. This is a reality of modern life, so install workrave, take breaks when it tells you to and buy the gear — foam rollers, massage balls, mats, etc.

And of course, there are only so many hours/credits you can spend on a computer, spend them well.

The same goes for eyes, dry eyes, tight eyes, burning eyes, all of these are variations of “there’s only so much time you can spend using your eyes staring at a screen!”

The benefit of thinking of these in fixed spendable quantities is, it gives you an idea of how hard managing the system is, and that forces you to make better use of the situation, or maybe not, but hey you’re at least thinking of something from a different view. Congrats.

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