The Only Way Out Is Individualism

  • December 14, 2020
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individualism and feminism


Read this piece about feminism hurting women on I just hope the name unherd is some play on the concept of not being part of a herd or being an individual. Though this post there clearly doesn’t seem to any such philosophical conclusion.

I don’t know what to make of these groups anymore, “the everything is rape, pro-woman, gas the men in concentration camps” group and then this chick from the “feminism hurts women” camp. The latter definitely thinks they are the smarter ones because they are being the contrarian voice who can see beneath the surface, it’s the same old “I was a hyper feminist too but now look at me I’ve grown so much and I see the real problem now, here’s my wisdom (90% of which was obvious to everyone with basic reasoning abilities)”. They think of themselves as Morpheus, “yOu sEe, FuCKiNg 100 GuYs OfF TInDEr Is nOT EMpOwErMEnT i mEAn WhAT IF ThAT’S wHAt ThE mEn aCtUAlLY WaNT ANd We aRE PLaYiNG InTO THeIr hANdS, , hUHh..HuHHh ? ? !” 

For both of them their entire problem seems to be a frustration about why their ideology doesn’t fit the entire 100% of the people of whatever group they have picked.

And the fucking gall to throw research at our faces that women love intimacy and sex together, which the former camp now thinks is anti-woman to even say and puts them in a box under the glass ceiling or something. 

The fact that she wrote this entire article without even mentioning the word “individualism” says she’s a moron to begin with, and honestly, I feel stupid and edgy calling a smart nerdy woman like her a moron who writes for these successful publications. I mean what the fuck do I know right? This chick probably has 40k followers on Twitter, and also won’t tell you to message her on IG on tinder, and I mean what do I have! 

But bloody hell what I don’t get is, why doesn’t she see conscious individualism as the answer? Surely she has read Ayn Rand by now but she probably did so at 15 and then at 27 started making jokes about that time she “gOt InTO AyN RAnNNdD. .AnD aLl tHAt SeLFiShNeSs tAlK HEhEhE” because the liberal arts college she went to didn’t like the idea that people can be responsible for themselves and she wanted so bad to fit in, so I guess that’s why individualism doesn’t come up on her radar at all. 

Bloody fucking hell though, wasn’t rand right all along? 

How else can we solve this problem? My engineering brain now wants to do some language math. 

Let’s see all these groups now. 

The leftist feminists – hate the idea that women can’t just have empty sex or actually want to be mothers and wives. Actually thinks putting no makeup posts and growing out armpit hair is empowerment and that fucking hunk dudes on tinder is them getting back at the patriarchy.

This contrarian chick – wants to make some evolutionary argument about women enjoying sex more when paired with real intimacy, etc. and I guess wants to get the above guys to dial it a bit down so girls don’t feel guilty when they decide to get married and have kids.

Rand and me – both these groups need to just support the idea of a legal system that maximizes freedom for both of these camps, and everyone else and that’s the only way to solve this. 

Isn’t it obvious that some women do enjoy the cock carousel while some do want to breastfeed and make sandwiches in the kitchen, so why do we even need to have these huge global ideological systems in place, which only get people fired for the simplest nonsense? 

Furthermore yes some women are going to start fucking online and make millions selling panties on onlyfans. This part is my favorite, how much is this nerd bothered that gals are moving their IG followers to OF, this alone it seems prompted her to write the whole post. I mean so fucking what lady.

The moment women really do whatever the fuck they want, these people just lose it, just another feature of ideological possession. She makes some good points, like the girls who suppress their needs to want a relationship and marriage and is feel pressured to suck more tinder cock because of eMPoWeRMeNt, but well, is it really that good of a point? I mean weren’t idiots like this writer herself the ones who created this entire empowerment complex in the first place and now since it’s not going in the way they want it to go they fucking want to complain. 

If they understood the nature of man(yes it means human beings moron) then they would pretty much realize we don’t even need a word like feminism because we always had the better option of individualism, but since you cannot create a voting bloc out by printing pussy on pink hats, and you definitely can’t bring down the patriarchy with a neutral word like individuals, because well everyone would simply fucking join you and there would not be another side to vilify. 

This only comes to the final conclusion that even if we want to give some credit to the first-wave feminists who probably thought of the word as individualism for females, what we have now is just another Marxist collectivist ideology trying to pit one group against another, the idea morphed into taking over male spaces, hence the obsession with CEOs, presidents, and positions of power(whatever that means) and hence why you never hear a battle cry for “more women in sewage cleaning” like the “more women in tech” trope, nah they don’t care that the sewage cleaning industry is 100% male. 

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