The One Human Trait Which Just….



Intelligence. Brute raw intelligence.

Maybe it is general intelligence, maybe some language-based intelligence. But it just dismantles all our notions of right, wrong, fair, unfair, morals and so on.

Take any human conversation that involves people — wealth, jobs, equality, welfare, dating, taxation, success and once you introduce intelligence into it we just hit a wall and we need to go look for solutions.

Will Durant has this amazing quote from Lessons of History.

Since practical abilility differs from person to person, the majority of such abilities, in nearly all societies, is gathered in a minority of men. The concentration of wealth is a natural result of this concentration of ability.

— Will Durant, Lessons of History, Ch: Economics and History

An automatic gift which some just have and some just don’t.

Now go ahead and discuss welfare and taxation. The intelligent ones are always to going to have more money and won’t need welfare — there we hit that wall.

Take education, all that talk of teacher training and increasing education budgets for the “future” generations, but hell some kids just have that trait and they will dominate and the ones who dont will struggle.

We talk so much middle class families and giving them a safety net. Then we talk of kids and giving parents tax breaks and money for just having them.

And now you introduce intelligence and intelligent decision making and the question comes up why are these people who cannot afford their kids having them at the expense of the state? How sustainaible is this model?

The left would rather question capitalism which merely rewards intelligence and conscientious. I mean is it any wonder their only criticisms of capitalism the bad deeds done by few businesses and not that “the best doctors are getting paid the highest.”

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Funny enough dating is realm where intelligence plays to your downfall. The intelligent always have a hard time dealing with the others and connecting.


There is the mental health crisis, social media addiction, gaming addiction or fast food . The catch? The intelligent ones probably dont have any of these. I remember reading how will power seems to correlate with intelligence too in the form of delaying gratification. That’s two superpowers combined.

I understand we don’t have any serious definition, the best indicator seems is IQ which is shrouded in all sorts of mystery and everyday there’s some famous guy tweeting for and against it.


The joke of India being a superpower by 2020 is all over the internet right next to the toilet stats and the demand for bobs pictures. The average IQ statistic for Indians is around 80-90, can’t be bothered to check the exact now, but holy hell how the conversation of nation building just changes when you bring about intelligence, and granted many Indians have done amazing things but have they really? To be fair to them, has any country made a serious contribution other than the USA?

Right from the internet to every company standard and tech firm which dominates, everything is American! Add to that it’s the only country with the most extensive constitutionally protected human freedoms.

Meaning of Life Itself

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Philosophers have written for 2000 years on the various systems of looking at the world and finding one’s place in it.

Guess which kinds of people read and it and who are the ones who probably don’t! There’s immense meaning and purpose to be derived from life through one’s work, art, literature but seems the preliminary condition to even see that is a certain level of that magical gift of nature, the one trait which when it enters human conversation just . . .

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