The NightClub


The NightClub has to be one of the fundamental cornerstones of modern society.

The place where the “beautiful people” come together. The amazing women all dolled up to look the hottest they can look, tights, skirts, jeans, gowns, you see it all at a nightclub. One look from one such beauty would melt men, for she is the reason most men are there.

Then there are The Men. Not the ones standing at the corner, or at the bar, with a beer in hand and the look of waiting on the death row. Those who cannot move freely in a night club are rarely seen as Men by those who can. These powerful Men have the smile and glow on their of the guy who owns the place. They are gods, women want to sleep with them and the men want to be them.

Given these dynamics the are such magical places and draw such reactions from all of us. The most important and obvious one has to be the anxiety of entering one. It’s got to be in the second place right after public speaking when it comes to invoking people’s anxieties.

And at the same time, it probably is a test, an initiation into some sphere of adulthood. Just like the Spartans left 7-year-old boys to kill and steal and make it back, the nightclub has got to be the defacto barometer of measuring characteristics like your self-confidence, self-consciousness, your voice tonality, your looks, your self-image.

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