The “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” Idiots

money cant buy happiness


Given that someone I know shared this in the around the same time I lost 100k USD, I feel strongly offended.

Where do I begin?

In the material world we live in unprecedented times, the internet is bigger than ever, SpaceX is landing rockets and all information is at your proverbial fingertips.

And then we have 200k+ people among us in 2020 who were MoOoVeD in some way or form by this damn utter trite. Granted it doesn’t take much effort to double-tap on an image, but damn the sadness and the tragedy of this should not be under-appreciated.

To just get to the bottom of it, let’s directly call this out. It doesn’t take much, in any other domain human beings function we would have called out this behavior easily, or if anyone tried this sitting with you on the couch you would have called it immediately but somehow putting it on a screen surrounded by buttons makes it deeeeep,

  • Somebody repeatedly posting about the awesomeness of single life is probably just soothing the pain and loneliness of being unable to find someone. Of course, one could still be coping with that pain by not posting it at all, which at least leaves room for self-awareness to emerge from the suppressed energy of the anxiety, however, with social media people show their hand really fast.
  • Along the same line of thought, this is a bunch of people soothing their pain and powerlessness about being unable to make enough money and deal with the resulting anxiety.

Few psychological observations can be made;

  • This whole episode displays how most people lack the self-awareness to come in touch with their own anxiety related to money which pushes them to seek out psychological relief and escape from the resulting anxiety through such venues.
  • Granted that anxiety and emotions are much more powerful than people, they just drive people to automatically seek relief in banality or distraction like YouTube or ten thousand other things in our culture.
    • Which brings to mind that most people, especially the younger gen-z, millennial crowd really need therapy in their lives, this is no more an option but a brushing equivalent of mental hygiene.
  • The whole charade of “HaPpInEsS” is so long drawn now. People are failing to understand that happiness is part of too many things — psychology, intelligence, social life, spirituality on and on, and most of those rests on the physical necessitates of daily life and it is this physical realm where money does its job, as a medium of exchange for goods and services, it’s not meant to guide your life to happiness because it’s not its job. A measuring tape cannot tell you the temperature.
  • Not even billionaires make the argument that money buys happiness. Who would do such a thing? What sort of a psycho do you even have to be to think that money makes you happy! But trust the left to create a narrative based on an invisible bully just to make yourself feel better.

A basic failure of the education system;

  • The obvious failure of people in understanding the very concept of money also comes into focus here. There seems to be a fundamental misconception of what money is and what it can or cannot do as already explained in the previous point.
  • And the fact is that after up to 20 yrs of formal education people cannot think through the idea that money is not even supposed to buy happiness. Ayn Rand’s money speech probably explains more about money in the ten minutes it takes to read it than most will learn in their entire lives through formal education.


ayn rand money speech
its job is to buys stuff . .
  • From my 100K loss in the stocks markets, I realized how I never even came across the words “stock market” in my entire student life of 10 years, this system which probably controls our lives more than what party we vote, but think back to how much they emphasized on the importance of that versus the fact that the markets were not even explained nor mentioned.

The access to internet did nothing to sort this out too..:

  • The same boring old point about how the greatest access to information is being squandered on ig and porn. At this stage, the best use of the internet seems to be in getting laid if you can pull that off.
  • This quote sums it up in style:
if more information was the answer
more info is not the ans ..yet

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