The Left Keeps Responding To Invisible Bullies and Monsters of Their Own Making

the left's invisible monsters


The thought of writing this post comes from ayn rand’s concept of “argument from intimidation”. It was my first introduction to the idea of studying the style and tricks of rhetoric itself.

Time for some definitions.

Rhetoric — is the art and form, the style of making your points, putting forth your idea, and explaining it, backing up. However, it’s not just about a dry argumentative scientific exercise like a white paper, it’s a for the lack of better word — a style. You got to bring out your charm, use yours as well as your audience’s emotions, and in short just make use of all the tricks you can to get the audience on your side.

Aristotle came up with this idea of discourse when he saw that the smart and intelligent ones always lost out to those who simply had better rhetoric. It is in a way the classic introvert complaint of going unseen for all his intellectual glory because he can’t stand up straight and speak to more than two people — most often his equal loser gaming buddies.

The left now has resorted to a trick of rhetoric in which they are responding to some fictional bully. This has an effect of not just making a point but of making a point in response to some omnipresent powerful evil that is supposedly keeping people down. To the gullible then, this automatically soothes their need of an Us vs Them conflict. The “Us” part is, of course, the downtrodden victim of a cruel world for whom the left claims to stand up for. And as usual, they don’t do any of it with data and stats, those do not help when you want to invoke your audiences’ indignation.

This is much easier with examples.

Who Ever Called Hasan Minhaj A Terrorist?

Hasan Minhaj both at the beginning and the end does the “I’m not a terrorist” act even when no one ever called him one! Of course, this has nothing to with the actual stats of whether there’s racism in the world and if Muslims ever face prejudice due to the actions of other Muslims, we know it exists. No one has ever denied it! No one!

Even the most hardcore alt-righters won’t make that argument. The response of the right has always been, racism and all the other problems will always exist in any human society. What’s not acceptable to most sane people is the claim that western society is inherently racist and the idea that most white Americans must bend over backward to give special treatment to Muslims or any minorities.

And yet Hasan wants to play this sniveling cunning little game which implicitly is just to say that “every time a Muslim speaks up in America, people around me are telling me to go back to where I came from and wondering if I support Islamic terrorism, so here let me just go ahead and do it first”.

This is some form of reverse psychological satyagraha he wants to throw at us, where he takes the whip from the master’s hand and starts lashing himself right away so the master is filled with pity and emotions and runs down to stop him and hug him! But wait! THERE’S NO MASTER OR WHIP IN THE FIRST PLACE! This guy is a famous f*ing comedian in the world’s one and only superpower and the son of a bitch still wants to claim that the country and the culture are inherently racist! FU Hasan.

Men Told Women How To Sit?


left's invisible monsters
“the burka should be darker!!”

Here we go again, straight out the bat assumption that men everywhere “expect women to sit, stand, talk” as per some “stupid standards”.

Most of these “standards” these SJWs complain about are just the basic norms of communication that every man is expected to live by anyway, because as Bill Burr puts, “it’s perfectly okay to punch a guy”. Feminism’s entire confusion between being a rude little bitch just because you can get away with it for having a vagina and being a healthy assertive individual has definitely cost many women their relationships, careers, and mental peace of mind. We can only hope they find this post.

A part of this has now bled into the idea of beauty, with the enemy being “men’s beauty standards”. You know those unattainable standards which any sane person should want to meet of having a normal body weight, and not eating pizza and coke for every meal? All of it is men’s fault because you men refuse to get aroused by a 200-pound Betty Friedan with a crew cut and purple-dyed hair!

Now this fine piece is from sponsored Pakistani show, so we better believe there’s plenty of men there who have many fine rules for the ladies, but hey, do you think they are going to bring up that certain state religion on which Pakistan was founded upon and which has the most “stupid standards” for women?

At what step do we take these morons on the left seriously anymore? They want to fix men’s “stupid standards” but have nothing to say on the 1000 or so women stoned to death in Pakistan for having sex or something.

I think at some point the problem is just their IQ and mental capacity to correctly find the problem. Most of them seem to have backgrounds in studies like journalism, marketing, or so in which dealing with concrete reality always takes a back seat. I’m all for abstract intellectualization in the college degree of your choice, but hey reality exists, so let’s be grounded in it.

When you avoid reality for too long, ideological possession becomes a huge problem and you start acting out as per this quote which by far suits a lot better to ideologues instead of to politics.

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

― Ernest Benn

And No One EVER Claimed Money Can Buy Happiness

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