The Evil Western Civilization

  • February 8, 2020
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Édouard Cortès's paintings


In the past 2 days, I have had some interesting conversations with a colleague and a friend, who’s also a colleague, of mine.

I was stumped and stunned what these guys were talking about, at times I had to hold my proverbial jaw drop with my hand to support it in its place.

The conversations include talk about how the western civilization is responsible for all the evil in the and the second guy then told me how lucky he is that astrology basically told him his future, “phew, thank god I know how things are going to go!” in his words.

Here’s the first list, my notes, and counterpoints in italics;

  • The west created the institution of slavery and yes other cultures did it too but the west did at the scale much much greater than anyone else.
    • Slavery was a human constant, found in every culture. Chinese empire, Mughals, Mongols, Japan, and the Indian caste system, all those are just variants of slavery, yet the left would have you believe that only the western “white man” is the only slave owner in history. 
    • Now the scale. The west brought about the industrial revolution, which means better ships, guns, communications, armies, you name it. Obviously, once they added these to regimes, the now had the power to import slaves from across the oceans and colonize and conquer the world. Hence the bigger scales.
    • Would the Indians and Chinese do any different had they figured out the tech? Probably not, but if history is any witness, the answer is a resounding yes. 
  • Add to that the west killed the greatest number of people throughout history.
    • Again this is just a point of scale, if the Japanese, Chinese and Indians developed the means they would have too done the same in the name of glory and nationalism. We have no evidence to point otherwise.
  • West is responsible for all the major wars.
    • War has been a constant for human beings since hunter-gatherer days, with agriculture it just intensified, because now there was a lot more to loot. 
    • The Mongols killed 80 million to feed their own empire and wanted to rule till the sky stretches. So the idea that only the west fought wars is ludicrous.
    • The Assyrians destroyed Babylon as thorough as a nuclear bomb would have when they got the chance. These dudes are not from the west. 
  • Roman empire and again the west should have known better than to perpetuate slavery
    • A parallel argument to this one is how the American founding fathers were hypocrites for writing about the individual rights sitting on a plantation. 
    • Expecting Thomas Jefferson to not believe in slavery is like expecting some caveman flat earther to know that the earth is round, or expecting me to believe in the miracles of Jesus Christ or that adultery should be punishable by death. 
    • How in bloody hell do people do not understand that people are always a product of their times! And the greatest thinkers of the time are not immune to that either.
  • West is responsible for the climate crisis, some mention of how Greta Thunberg is great and how I must suck as a human being for supporting Trump.
    • Greta sounds like a hysterical maniac with that demon-possessed exorcism expression she keeps throwing out when speaking, what’s with all that F**ing drama, really? How does anyone take her seriously for throwing tantrums like that? 
    • On Trump, I did support him for maybe two issues, one is that you cannot have an open border immigration system and his economics of low taxes and so, which I think eventually have improved the economy, but then he didn’t do much to “drain the swamp” and I am not aware of much other than that. 
  • The white supremacists exist still, so it means racism is alive and well in the west.
    • The current white supremacists are like Sunday Catholics today, and of course, maybe some of them indeed are totally hardcore ones, but wait a sec, don’t we have Hindu, Islamic supremacists? Every ideology is going to have their extremists, hence we must never judge it from what the extremists say. 
  • American bomb Vietnam, and used nukes on Japan.
    • Now again Dan Carlin has done amazing shows of hardcore history on this, and the crux of the matter is, in war, any nation would have to go all in to win. The American public pressure, military pressure and the entire pressure of the war acting on the decision-makers to win a war is something we today cannot simply comprehend.
    • The same goes for Vietnam, which was the commie threat the US did not want to take chances with.

I think there was more but it went nowhere. This is so sickening to listen to 40-year-olds have a worldview in which the “white man” just sits with a cigar in hand and decides to bomb places for oil! Jesus Christ!

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