RedPill’s Projections on Women and Dating

redpill projections on women and dating


If you cannot tell yet, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time learning seduction, “pua”, “game”, or as feminists like to refer to it “virgin loser tricks”, etc.

Now if you really look at PUAs and want to sound a bit highfalutin it’s just exposure therapy, and with every new day of my life, I realize, it is a rule/law of nature just like the Pareto principle, and the rest. More on that in another post.

Recently while back from the gym I spot a masked single woman walking on the sidewalk, minding her business (aka drowning her life’s anxieties with loud music) and I decided to give it a shot, as I think of with every woman I see but actually give it a shot only 0.1% of the times. And this time I was in my gym shorts and a sleeveless — perfect, more for material to debate whether looks matter or not. I hit it.

“Hey excuse me, you look cute so I thought I’ll come and say hi to you”

This one was friendly and I could tell immediately because she smiled under the mask and I saw it in her eyes. Friendly and intrigued both, I WAS IN! She wanted to see where this would go. I don’t remember much of what we talked but she wouldn’t stop walking, so I kept walking with her and then when I’m farther than I wanted to go I had to make her stop and go for the number, she did the token hesitation routine but I just hand her the phone and keys it in. BINGO!

I check to see if shes on Whatsapp, shes not so I call her right away and we are still not doing too bad.

Like a lot of PUAs, I too find the open to be the most difficult part and hence I focus on it too much, most of the times it goes nowhere but moments like these when it does go smooth you realize getting the number is only the beginning of an entirely new dance — F***ING TEXTING.

I notice I have absolutely nothing to say to her. And from little I try to talk to her about she doesn’t want to help me out.

Here you can read it for yourself. Just right-click to open the full image!


redpill projections on women and dating
not my A game I know..


We’re from two different countries with different jobs, ethnicities, cultures, education levels, the food we eat, the amount of time we spent here in this city. We have enough material between us to write 2 books on, but as you see I am struggling with the “what you doings!” and “heys!”.

Redpill Projections

At this stage, the redpillers go on and on about how she wouldn’t do this to brad Pitt, and the “three msgs rule” or the “wait three days rules”, or how I am more invested than her because I have more words per message compared to her and how I am not creating dread game followed by stacking conversations with stories about me so I can do some SMV.

Then there’s the “social media ruined women” gang, or how every “6 thinks shes a 9 now, thanks to IG”.

I did this back then when I was really immersed in the red pill and I do it now, however, this time I have some insights from Jung on why we do what we do. He calls it Projections.

Think of projecting something onto a screen, and just like that we project our ideas, beliefs, biases onto people, and then respond to it as if the person actually has those traits, qualities, mannerisms, even beliefs. A standard way this happens in society is the “rich people are mean” meme, the idea that you can only get rich by cheating, backbiting, stabbing, and not paying fair wages to people. And a lot of it is probably true, hence the projection is so strong.

On the same lines, the idea of social media ruining women (and everyone else), women having too many options in the modern world, them having too many beta orbiters and IG followers which gives them a fake pump of their SMV is all true. And because it is true, the red pill projections feel so true and stick so well.

Jung was brilliant and accounted for this too, these odds of some part of the projection being true he calls — a “hook”. Most projections won’t work without the hook. Women do get certain simple benefits in the dating market by just the very fact that men are so damn horny, and just like that rich people every now and then, probably more often do questionable things to get where they are. But none of these “facts” are blanket evidence of all the projections people put on these groups or any other to be true.

Once you realize the nature of the hook you can start to see the projection a bit more clearly and become aware of it. Because until you clearly understand that the hook is the point that holds the energy, the “trueness” of your projection, you kinda make the mistake of believing that everything you think is true. But once you see it, you begin to see that while the hook is a small truth that actually fits the narrative of your projection it simply isn’t enough to go on a run with it and declare reality to be a certain way because of it. Because then you are cutting off from reality and looking at it through the lens of your projection.

And just like that once I could see the hooks in my story I was able to question things a bit more, yes she probably has a ton more options to text with or else it could be she’s just as shy and insecure as any new pua on his first day in the field. I noticed how she was walking a huge distance back from work in terrible heat, and her clothes were not that fancy and she was obviously underweight.

Could it be that she’s not doing that well financially and struggling a lot which has taken away her confidence to go and meet guys rich and confident enough to have a car and approach her in the street?

The end goal here isn’t to completely figure out why and what’s the reason for her texting behavior or the level of interest, in fact, you could well argue that I’m probably painting her to be poor and insecure just to preserve my own bruised ego for not getting more than a “good for you” text from her but do understand — that once you leave some room open to think of concepts like projection and how it affects your judgment, you can free yourself from getting completely wrapped up in ideologies (redpill or otherwise) and think of everything that comes your way with a little bit more compassion, both for you and the other party.

As for getting the girl, you better get out there saying “hi” to as many cute girls you can.

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