On Women’s Reservation In “Positions of POWER”

  • December 13, 2019
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The recent breakout of violence at rallies like “straight pride parade” and “white/all lives matter” really exposes the left on some of its gimmicks of “equality”. Because if it indeed was about equality won’t they join in on celebrating being straight as much as they celebrate the LGBT groups? Turns out probably not because since a good 99% of humanity falls in the straight category, you simply cannot carve out a politically useful group out of it. This carving out power groups is indeed an interesting phenomenon for another post, in fact the idea for that post just hit as I am writing this out.

However, for now let’s focus on another simple power group category – gender — women.

The calls for women’s reservations in parliaments, cabinet members, boardrooms etc. just point out the complete hypocrisy of the left now. Even thirdworld nations like India want to pass laws to reserve 33% seats in the parliament for women, which is already full of rapists, crooks and thugs. Already the country is in wanting for some merit and now let’s just throw in another class of people which just gets in because genitalia.

To Preserve Women’s Interest

At times I am just glad these imbeciles at least bother coming up with some argument instead of just throwing their standard “women were oppressed for centuries, so let’s give them 33% in the parliament” at us and expecting everyone to just get on with the program.

It seems by some magic having women in “positions of power” (POPs), their interests can be served better. And this is valid for corporations and governments alike is the claim, both for women customers and women citizens I guess.

What’s interesting is they don’t make this argument with programing, cooking, cab driving, pilots, surgeons. Ever hear someone claiming that we need women programmers on the team to make this app more women-friendly? Oh well, of course, we do have “women in tech/coding” nonsense, but that’s more towards increasing the number of women in these jobs.

Where is the argument that the WhatsApp app is/was difficult for women to use because both it’s designers were men, or that uber is not women-user-friendly since the guys who wrote the code are all male? Or maybe something like we need 33% of women cooks in the food industry because the men simply cannot cook for their women clientele. Or how about we just wait for a woman surgeon to show up to ER when the next female victim is rolled in after a nerve-wracking car crash? I mean come on guys how can male doctors understand a woman patient’s broken jaw, legs, and ribs? Only a WOMAN CAN UNDERSTAND WOMEN!

Jesus F***ing Christ! If all of these sound stupid then how come it’s completely reasonable to say we need 33% women in the parliament to represent the interests of women?

It’s not hard to understand. It seems any profession or endeavor which needs real skills, brains, and effort, everyone just inherently agrees that “well yeah we need someone who gets this, penis and vaginas don’t really matter here”. However, things which include a lot of talking and debating, discussion and deal with words or concepts like democracy/voting/rights, suddenly the genitals become an important aspect. What better qualifies for such a field if not politics.

And this only is the case because we inherently understand that the real work of those sitting in parliament is still being handled by talented real scientists, statisticians, policymakers and researchers and not the 33% who get in thanks to their body parts. It’s like everybody just understands that selecting people based on gender is a good idea as long as there’s a good buffer of really smart people stopping these people from completely running the whole thing to the ground.

A few parting words must be dedicated to the “women in tech/coding” movements too. Here too we must thank the idiots for at least trying to give us some reasoning no matter how moronic — and it states that “young girls need to be encouraged to join the tech industry” because tech is so male-dominated (almost sounds like a gay bar) and Google is 75% male, boo-hoo!

Why does it seem to me that young women in 2019 who care about tech just signup for CBTNuggets, install their Linux on their machines and get to work and probably are not interested in actually deeply supporting “women in tech”. Because it looks like young women interested in Instagram modeling are breaking new ground as we speak and never have I seen any hashtags for the “women in IG modeling” movement. I mean the IG #selflove and photography pages are proof that young women are having no problems in pursuing careers they wish to unless of course, you define enough women not wishing to join the tech industry itself as your problem statement.

In which case you have a serious boundary issue because you spend too much time thinking about what others should be doing with their life.

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