“Oil Exists For Us Humans to Use”

  • November 12, 2019
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I don’t get into arguments about whether god exists anymore. Feels so pointless. We’re hitting 2020 soon, 2015 was used as “the future” in the Back to the Future movie and to still argue about whether a magic man exists just feels so exhausting. But some things just don’t seem to die, even with all this access to history and philosophy and the podcasts and the internet and on and on, still we are stuck. And the worst part is this is outside of the western countries where we need it the most. The west is on its way to discuss AI, immortality and UBI but outside of the west, the rest of us totally dropping the ball.

From a few months back this small “exchange of ideas”  with two colleagues during a lunch break is stuck with me.

Now one of these is a 50-year-old married Christian dude who is almost on a mission to bring me back to Jesus. Him, I have mostly written off. This is triage guys. However, the other guy is in his mid-20s, smart partying guy, born Muslim, born in the US, grew up in Canada and of Jordanian descent.

The old guy starts his evangelism and I try to push the conversation towards “where did the god come from if he is the who made it all”. And here’s how the conversation goes.

Me: push the conversation towards “where did the god come from if he is the who made it all”
Old guy: man what you’re saying, even scientists are all starting to agree now that everything in the world seems intelligently designed.
Me (in my head): yeah right . ..
Young guy: Man it makes you think, that oil is here and iron is here and wood is here. . .everything is here for us to use it, makes you think right.


I mean W.T…F*** gives?

Isn’t this just one step below the brainwashing catholic kids get in Sunday school, where they all repeat in chorus after the teacher — “god made me to love him and serve him”.

Now I don’t want this guy to read Sapiens, or understand evolution, nah nothing of that. But when you see a F***** car and you know it runs on petrol, and you know there was a time when there were no cars but horse wagons, doesn’t it just flow that the oil existed long before we even figured out what it was and that later on some smart dudes had to create machines which could use the oil. So did the ancient Romans walked around in complete awe thanking god for “creating oil for us”, obviously F****ign not, they never figured out the engines for it, in fact, there are records of people moving away from the oil as it was all black and sticky-icky.

This is so far from god vs no god but just basic cause and effect. Spending 2 mins thinking stuff through and that before you say something like this to your colleagues was all there to it.

Really makes you wonder, how nothing really was achieved by putting all that info up online and having it at our “fingertips”. That is just not how thinking works, its just porn and cat videos all the way.

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