Indians Built Dubai, The USA And Probably The Pyramids Too

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India, that third world dirty AF in southeast Asia is like that loser friend of yours who can change her whole life in a few significant tweaks but her self awareness is lower than that of a dolphin and hence she convinces herself that all those thirsty incels who follow her (and 200 others like her) for the slightest cleavage drops are actually real people who want to hear from her on #beingpositive/productive/antiracist/<insert-standard-feel-good-adjective>.

“Indians built so and so country”

I want to shoot every Indian right in the face the moment they start yapping about how their countrymen built Dubai, or the gulf or USA because 0.1% of them make it to top universities and corporations and the white guilt riddled leftist virtue signaling media can’t STFUP about it. How can someone live with that level of cognitive dissonance and not completely go mental is beyond me, Here’s a screenshot of driving in Dubai and in driving in Mumbai videos from youtube.

If the content is that Indians built Dubai is true then how come their own financial capital and “muH neW-yoRk-oF-iNdIa” such a, as trump rightly said it, sh**hole?

And this comes from the mouths of those who have more than ten times stepped into dog sh** on the roads of Mumbai while gambling their pathetic ant-like existence to catch a F***ing train to get to work.

Dubai built their wealth by opening to the world, by its leadership’ commitment to completely embrace western values of capitalism and the latest technology in delivering government services, by listening to the best free-market economic advice from the west. The wiki article on the economy of Dubai states in the first line that it’s a free market economy. Add to it the acceptance of foreigners, property rights, modern efficient law and order and policing and even with a 90% idiot local population, the Arabs have f**ing killed it and now have a GDP per capita of 40K USD. Entire books have been written to explain how this economic miracle happened by throwing hyper-capitalism at what was a coastal fish market/desert in the 1960s.

Yes, Indians played a role, cheap labor, technicians, IT work, etc. But does that translate to Indians building the country? Really now? Do I even need to explain? All they did is capitalize on the miracle and got out of the rat race of gambling away their life every day to catch a bus/train to work!

You don’t “build” a country my slave brute labor if anything that just explains the complete dearth of abstract thinking in cultures outside of the western countries! Countries succeed based on the intellectual framework of its foundations, on the value system. This intellectual framework can come from within as it happened for the western nations around the enlightenment, their societies were infused with a huge dose of liberal values like reason, science, free speech, and individual rights or it can be borrowed and put into use for your own benefit like most of doing it daily with everything starting from phones to cars. America is the prime example of the former, Dubai pulled off the latter, but Indians it seems would rather live in the past glories, blame the British or entertain grandiose illusions of being a superpower in this or that sector while the young and the educated still are uncomfortable with the idea of a free speech criticizing religion and most of them want their parents to pick their life partners.

Dubai is an intellectual achievement first and then comes the Indian contribution of laying bricks to build the Sheik Zayed road. Had some other despot taken over the reins of Dubai, the Indians would gladly still be taking orders from that guy to dig graves for public stoning and then burial of young Arabic women who simply dared to have sex before marriage.

Indians trying to take any credit for Dubai only show their complete lack of self-awareness at the individual level and a complete failure of the Indian govt controlled education machine which churns out such nonthinking brutes.

Do I even need to dismantle the idea of Indians building America after this?

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