Gilmore Girls — Rory Falling For The BadBoii

rory gilmore getting bored of dean


Spoiler alert! This is art work coming to me for therapy so yeah, spoilers.

I’m at the episode where Rory has started falling for Jess. Boy, is that annoying. Sweet little 16 year old who talks like she’s 13 falling for the badboii, but is he really bad though? I mean the dude has a splendiferous taste in literature minus the bodacious tits – to quote hank moody.

The nice boi dean had no chance since ACT 1, did he now? It’s been 2 seasons until the basket bidding day and he’s not past the tiny pecking on the lips stage, plus, he’s already gifted her an entire car, an entire car! Dammit! Isn’t that at least $10K? So he still hasn’t even gotten to third base but is $10k down, obviously, she’s getting bored, he values here needs a lot more than his. I’m not going to elaborate on the primary need of a sixteen-year-old guy in a relationship now, that would leave nothing to your imagination.

At this stage I’m predicting who Rory ends up sleeping with, of course, maybe the show doesn’t go there at all and I don’t know where it goes, but damn the image of her doing it with Jess is disturbing to me, it hurts the 16-year-old in me even now at 29.

I have moved past my redpill phase I promise and I love literature man, but Jess with the whole fighting in school vibe getting the girl still pushes me into team Dean. I also wonder if the whole Jess character is a mistake, two archetypes being merged into one, are there guys who get into physical fights and still read the fountainhead because the cute girl told them to? Shouldn’t he be getting tattoos and hanging out drinking, or dealing drugs, or be working out at the gym which then takes away his entire charm of the intellectual and he leaves Rory and the young Dean in me alone?

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