“Family Is Our Strength”


Just like we have “unity in diversity”, “true love lasts forever” and so on. We keep saying it. All the time.

What exactly is the implication? That if people do not get married and have children the society crumbles or life is not worth living? Even with 7 billion of us here now? And interestingly life is worse in places in which a majority do buy the “family is our strength” platitude.

Look at the HDI rankings of countries and tell me which cultures are doing better — the one’s where young adults sacrifice themselves to the altar of loving each other forever and giving birth to “our future” or the ones in which young adults do cross country road trips at 20, travel 10 countries by the time they are 17 or start companies when they are 21 and their colleges have ratings about being the party colleges of the country?

The ones in which shaadi.com is the forefront of matchmaking with the paywall reminding you on every visit that it’s not a charitable service and all they care about is getting those 50 bucks off of you or the ones in which you can just swipe right and left and experience newness almost everyday of your living life because it all is so EASY.

Want more? Do you want to look at the economic freedom rankings, the ease of doing business maybe? Or how about press freedoms? GDP per capita? A comparison of education universities? Migration statistics? Diversity statistics? Come let’s get this over with.

Societies which train children to grow up with a mindset of herd animals where you procreate and multiply like rats in a gutter, both literally and figuratively — and to do it not because it is for you or your love or your growth, of course, they try to package it like that! In fact, in most of these societies getting married to someone you actually love and would want a family with is actively discouraged with emotional blackmail and at other times with swords and guns. These societies have failed.

And even after 200 years of the industrial revolution with all its science and reason, and the birth of the internet where all knowledge is “at your fingertips”, these tribal societies are none the wiser and choose the path of looking at Man as a cog in the wheel.

To be continued…

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