Everything People Has It’s Own Agenda

psyche controls us

Bret Weinstein on Joe Rogan’s podcast put a very succinct and powerful statement. He said;

Don’t look at what people tell you is the goal of the system but see what it accomplishes. And that’s the goal of the system.

And since I’m still going through the after-effects of somewhat understanding Jung’s theory in the past few months, this brings up similar thoughts.

It seems everything stems from the human psyche, there’s nowhere else it could come from. From math to poetry, and everything else, the human psyche is right at the center of creating it all.

And as Jung tries to explain, the different parts of the psyche have their own goals and an agenda. A simple example that comes to mind, which I have somewhat seen playout right in front of me is people subconsciously sabotaging their relationships. I saw this with a couple who with full knowledge and understanding let a third party – the wife’s sister, stay with them in their house and lo and behold they have reached the tragic end of the divorce. Here’s another post on that.

Of course, you can hold their feet to the fire and they wouldn’t be able to tell you that they did it to destroy their relationship because they probably were sick of and resenting each other. I even get practical answers like saving rent and spending time with family but the couple’s finances were healthy.

Their conscious selves could not save them from the “goals of the system”, the goals of their psyches, filled with all the resentments about each other’s changing personalities, etc.

Governments and Organizations

Governments are a pretty good summation of this, a book probably can be written on the top. My experience mostly deals with being in India and then in the middle east. India is a mess which, India is like that friend of yours who on the outside looks like he’s got everything set and just needs to figure out that last 10% of his life, but on the inside, he has no idea what is even going on.

All governments are all about power and keeping their place of authority intact, and that’s what they establish the best, the best thing governments do is send the police at you to beat you down and send you home when you protest, as much as that sucks, it works, the roads open up and people are back to work and the society goes on. A few times I visited governments in India and the middle east, the standard operating procedure was to put highly incompetent people in charge with lots of resources in their hands. The Doordarshan offices in Mumbai are just sitting on property worth billions with Marathi cooking shows as their output, and expectedly being run by Marathi people from top-down. The goal of the system is to give the local Marathi people some semblance of power in the institutions of the state. If the goal was to do a better job at creating Marathi cooking programs then the private does that already and the Marathi Doordarshan can be sold off to the highest bidder thus bringing the government out of business and letting someone else use the resources in a healthy way for the economy but now I am just repeating it, that’s what’s they say is the goal, but we can see what the system does.

Society’s Goals

This deals with marriage, jobs, careers, and all the fancy games and roles we play around, the whole economy itself.

The red pill logic of marriage is just for society to have kids and people around so society gets workers blah blah is a fair one, however it misses the crucial truth of the existence of consciousness.

Of course, if you are going to marry the first girl who touched your peepee parts, then you are falling for the societal game. If you have not done the work of reading complex works of arts, literature, and philosophy to find yourself (yea traveling and sex has nothing to do with) then you would be in a better position to beat society.

The same goes for careers I guess, though that can be a very complicated part to cover here. It goes back to reading more and being alert against the games people have planned for you. E.g. with most colleagues and people, in general, the common thread which makes them go to work is they have kids and a wife to feed back home, and it’s tragic when it happens to people in their early 20s.

The Psyche’s Agenda

This is the part which ties it all together — I titled the post “everything-people” has its agenda because the thing in people which really has it’s own agenda is the psyche, the internal life of people, consciousness, and unconsciousness combined.

This is the most evident in the workings of procrastination – you wake up with plans, todo lists, and organized files and folders all set to do great work and then suddenly find yourself on youtube, and its 3 pm already.

My foremost subject in this study is myself. I’ll probably do this tomorrow morning again, and the fact that I am writing about this now and written about it countless times in my journal probably won’t save me or it might. A known complex is far better than an unknown one, awareness of how my psyche can and might fail me is always preferable to unawareness of the mechanism.

The goal of my conscious mind can be to study, write and work, but that’s the ego part of the psyche telling me or probably fooling itself into believing what the goal of the system is, however, what the system achieves by ending up on youtube is the real goal, at least for the time being when it’s happening.

The psyche probably wants to fight anxiety. And since I can only speak for myself, boy do I have a lot of anxiety, from my immigration plans to plans on getting laid, anxiety is the only constant in my psyche. And if it can relieve itself of the anxiety by watching pick up clips of confident men approaching women or daydreaming about being a standup comedian who gets laid after the show or by fantasizing about life in another beautiful country and whatnot, then that’s what the psyche will do.

Organizations, governments, and relationships are just psyches (people). People have psyche and psyche is nothing but a person. So I think it’s not surprising that what we see in the world when a bunch of people get together resembles what we see from an individual psyche’s behavior.

All groups of people are nothing but groups of psyches after all and just like an individual’s psyche can fool him, the same replicate when we come together in groups. If Bret Weinstein had read som Jung he would probably have connected this dot.

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