The Only Line BIDEN-HARRIS Chicks Have to Say About the Victory

  • November 14, 2020
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biden win one line

“tODay Is LyK da crAzIeST DAY lyk EVERrrR, seEInG suM1 dAt LuKs LiiIkE me Is Da ViCe prEzeeDENT i mEEN LyYKE NOt oNLY a WOMAN bUT sUm1 FROm SouTH-AsIA I meEEN LYYYK”

The idea of change is always romanticized as we see with the dozen quotes on “being the change” or something like that.

What people forget is change can go in the wrong direction and hence it is crucial to define the parameters in which we want to change to happen.

The most important one we usually bother with as a society is change in politics and economics. But what would be a good welcome political change?

I believe the biggest political fight has always been that of the individual vs the collective and given recent developments in the United States it seems individualism is taking a beating. Movements like BLM are inherently being collectivist and rely on carving out multiple groups based on identity. In this video, it’s so funny how the guy calls on to every group other than whites to join forces against an invisible monster of police brutality killing the members of said group on streets.

This further is evident in how every chick in the biden-harris camp has only one standard line to say about the election victory, and that is “wowww, a woman is vice president and only a woman but a woman of color”, for those of south-asian decent just tack on the “a woman of color and OMGODDD! a womann of south asian decent someone who look likes me”. Jesus christ listening to that gives me a chills and makes my skin crawl, the idea that she thinks of Kamala Harris, an american born woman as someone of “south asian” desent.

I think I can sympathise with the idea of her being the first woman VP but to tag on her color and ancestry, that’s just taking so far gone from her as an conscious individual with a sound mind. It is clear that these people inherently believe that there are different realities, and that just being a smart intelligent person is no longer enough to make right decisions.

But we don’t make those arguments when coding an app, or building bridges, or performing surgery. Somehow though leadership is the only area where we are given these arguments about female representation and now we are adding on it with color and location.

The idea is so ludicrous it is even hard to debunk it. It is the equivalent of when religious people ask atheist to prove that god doesn’t exist.

And finally I just can’t help but bring up how they don’t even mention biden who actually won the election.

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