Be Brave Anyway… You Can Always Backtrack

  • February 25, 2020
  • Posted in Dating
be brave


Bravery in the good ol times would be landing at the beaches of Normandy in 1945 taking machine fire right when you open your military vessel doors, but today in our times it’s come to saying hi to the gal in your math class — the quintessential “that gal in” example, and it’s always math class.

However, my experience does not come with math class girls but random women out on the street, in malls and clubs. Yeah, I like to really put myself “out there”. Places like college, work and gyms have always scared me when it comes to women because if it goes wrong you have to be there again the next day, holy..

But it’s seldom easy to chat up some cutie on the streets, hence the title of the post. And it applies to all other places too, but do not try something too extreme I’d say.

The second part is what makes this so easy, the thing is the gains from being brave at any moment are so good and so high and the losses can be easily cut by just backtracking, and if required just sincerely apologize.

While there are other areas, the biggest one for us straight Men would be dating, and with reference to the only “safe space” in my opinion — strangers on the street. The daily dropout videos can give you some good material to work up to. Stop the beautiful lady and BE BRAVE, be unflinching, go for the moon. Here are some examples;

“Excuse me, HI! Are you single?”
“Hey, I have a quick question, could you break up with your bf please, I just saw you and can’t get my eyes off you..”

Give her a moment to recover from the cultural shock of a straight man showing sexual interest in a woman in real flesh and blood and not from behind a flashy screen and look for that smile in her eyes, as it slowly travels to her lips and she starts giggling. Or it might go the other way with the “WTF! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU .. FUCK OFF!”. And there’s your moment to just backtrack, “ah ok I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, I’ll be on my way and you have a nice day”. And you never see her again.

Simple. Imagine dealing with this level of intensity at your workplace or gym, you can never backtrack there because that’d most probably be your last day. Hence, only try this in the safe spaces — streets, malls, and clubs.

And this can be used in many other areas like making a joke at your workplace, trying to make friends, asking people to hang out, etc.

Always remember this when asking for a raise and negotiating your salary next time. You simply can’t go wrong there.

Yes, it really is that simple, just try it out.

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