Art is Extremely Hard Work



I got the idea from a post on Reddit which was a challenge to those who tell wannabe artists “to get a real job”. The challenge was for such people to go without consuming any form of art for 30 days — no Netflix, books, podcasts, music, movies, even blogs maybe and then think long and hard whether art is a real job or not.

As someone with a rather rigid analytical logical mind and working in IT, I have been guilty of this many times. Always picking up on people who are trying to do “artistic” things and looking at them as some kind of losers who just want to get paid to sit and type stuff — writers!

Doesn’t mean I don’t or did not appreciate art, far from it, I think of myself a big literature, philosophy dude in fact, it’s an entire way of my psychology and still I am guilty of looking down on wannabe artists, but then this Reddit quote really explains the rationale behind it, it’s all about the artists who make it and the ones who never do always get some form of “grow up, get real, get a real job” and the works.

Long Hours and Slaves to popularity

This mostly applies to acting. The worst part of being an artist must be the reliance on popularity, which totally explains the brain dead positions most artists will take on social issues, most of them are left-leaning because that’s where most of the majority of the population is at a given point. When I view from another angle it seems like most people who do become actors come from which “issues” wherein they have an innate need for popular social acceptance.

It can’t be a coincidence that less than 1% of actors will ever speak in support of free market and free speech ideology but most will always side themselves with the idiot masses.

And no one is focusing on the long hours actors put in. Go watch behind the scenes for something like gal gaddot’s training for those pathetic pussy power wonder woman movies. Holy hell she must have felt months working out, following diets and training for the role and that determination and will power is what already makes her a unique high achiever individual and in the end, she has to go out there and say something to the akin of “all women are heroes” yes all those dumb THOTs with naked dog filter pics on IG lip singing senorita are heroes.

Now it’s impossible to tell what gal gaddot believes in, is she screaming internally under unimaginable psychological duress every time she has to say that those fat ugly whales are beautiful (while surviving on 1000 calories, 5-hour training sessions for her movie roles) or is she herself a dumb THOT who truly buys into it because due to some form of psychological abuse her emotions are now programmed in a way wherein she is completely unaware of her own levels of hard work and only craves social acceptance and can easily incorporate all sorts of cognitive dissonances into her belief systems.

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