A Black Box Theory of Understanding

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The BlackBox Theory/Concept

In computer programming and software engineering, black box testing is used to check that the output of a program is as expected, given certain inputs. The term “black box” is used because the actual program being executed is not examined.

In systems theory, the black box is an abstraction representing a class of concrete open system which can be viewed solely in terms of its stimuli inputs and output reactions: … In other words, only the behavior of the system will be accounted for.

Those are some official definitions I got when I put the BlackBox function/theory into google. Now for some simpler pedestrian examples, think of a car. The way we interact with cars is to give it a stimulus which would be our input like driving it… duh! And the car outputs locomotion for us, takes us from A to B.

We don’t care about anything else about the car, all we’re concerned with is our inputs and the output. The car here is a BlackBox function.

Where else can we apply this?

Crops and Meat

Trees, plants are too a perfect BlackBox which takes inputs — sun, water, soil nutrition and output food for us. The bloody idea that what we’re eating is not apples and rice but the sun, water and soil converted into the final output for us by the black boxes nature and evolution left us in the form of plants.

Think of how perfectly evolution fits in, the very fact that we can eat the food from plants at all proves that we all definitely shared an ancestor in our evolutionary history, and this very fact further proves that the whole existence of biological life forms comes from the sun, water, and soil — what has been called the goldilocks condition.

Idiots have tried to shove this perfect “fitting together” as intelligent planning, which is more pedestrian than my car example above. Evolution happened as a system from the single-cell and it took billions of years because the BlackBox systems had to be “put in place” so that the living beings could eat! This then led to further evolution on and on.

The BlackBox function called plants evolved in a way to convert the inputs to food for other beings and to consume its own food from the environment in the process while at the same time the human digestive system evolved to digest the same food created by the BlackBox.


Just another BlackBox function to convert the plants to high-quality protein so that the next evolutionary level of beings could come into play. You can, in fact, go two steps deep and you see that meat not only converts the grass and grain to protein but ultimately converts the sunlight, air, water, and soil nutrition to protein for those who need it.

Let’s apply this to humans.


We all feel something when we listen to music like this, it could be something else for you or you could read something like your favorite quote/piece of writing here. Or when you listen to Dan Carlin talk about a historical episode like in the small snippet here or the joker’s face close up before he shoots DeNiro in the movie.

Art brings you in touch with beauty, emotions, anxiety, anger, happiness and all that which cannot even be named and there is no art without artists.

And notice how rare and few and far are the great artists. Could they be the evolutionary BlackBox the job of which is to soak in and output meaning, emotions, beauty, and joy to human life? Are highly creative people who create such art evolutionary gems of biology to bring the rest of us closer to something? Or to push us away, make us think. Art simply does so much!

Art does so much that it’s getting difficult to even come up with examples of what it actually does. Let me leave that space for you to fill in with whatever it is art does for you or maybe it doesn’t.

The point is though, are artists nothing but these human BlackBox functions serving their BlackBox function of creating art. They consume the inputs of philosophy, culture, politics, relationships, and technology and create a magnificent piece of art to awe, inspire and relax the dullness and drudgery of human existence.

Most people think of artists as the lucky talented ones but Jordan Peterson sets the record straight on that, most creative people if anything are suffering because they cannot do much anything else than be creative and getting paid while being creative is an uphill battle which most of would rather not have to fight.

This means that creativity in most instances could turn out to be a form of a curse for the person who has it, and yet he has it. He can’t help it. It’s not really a choice for him because he is nothing but just an artistic BlackBox and nature feels no remorse whatsoever if he is able to feed himself or not, all nature cares about is that for a conscious biological species to thrive, art is a must and thus it creates these creative brains who are forced to just be creative, the ones who succeed perhaps make millions and billions and bang 2 supermodels for breakfast and live lavish lifestyles and even make it look easier for the rest of us from the outside but the ones who are prisoners to their own creativity and are not getting any breaks are ridiculed by the rest stuck in the rat race as “wannabe artists” and told to “get a real job”.

Nature is indeed cruel. It wanted to create an artistic BlackBox and so it does, not caring whether that individual would ever be able to make a “career” out of it.


Jungian analysis puts a tremendous emphasis on dreams. They are thought of as an expression of our deepest emotions, anxieties, thoughts, and could be more. ..I am not a psychologist and do not really know what else dreams cover.

However, if there is any truth to this assertion on the function of dreams, then doesn’t that turn dreams into a BlackBox too? Dreams take input from everything happening in our unconscious, conscious and subconscious and write them into movies and scenes. Unfortunately, most of us don’t pay much attention to them and brush them off as just dreams, to be precise most people just think of dreams as something to do with recent thoughts and seldom much else.

Mark of animusempire recently pointed out on his podcast the absurdity that as a society we put so much emphasis on the movies, music, and books coming out. We collectively pay a billion dollars to some of these pieces of art and yet we ignore the art like expression from inside our own psyches.

This beautifully fits with my previous point of how artists create art with inputs from culture, philosophy, and politics much like how our dream BlackBox does it with emotions, etc.

Artists serve as our collective dream black boxes, and not because of their choices, their psyche compels them to do so, they spend their entire lives and waking moments into analyzing reality and creating elaborate dreams for all of us. They are a real-life, real-world representation of our internal dream BlackBox.

It’s amazing how evolution simply copied the internal dream function from inside us into an outside one to serve the scale of the species. And again this is no intelligent design but an innate need for the next level of “spiritual” evolution for “meaning creating beings”.

Intelligence and Billionaires

The smarmy Hasan Minhaj thinks billionaires are not going to save us, he says this in a world in which the entire Netflix repository, which runs his show, runs on the AWS cloud with automatic load balancing, server instantiation, and 10,000 other technology concepts. But then we must not expect much from a guy who thinks that the responsibility for the obesity epidemic lies more with food companies than the obese themselves.

If artists serve as our emotion processing BlackBox machines then can we postulate that wildly intelligent people like the gates, zuckerbergs, and musks of the species are evolution’s way of giving us the internal problem solving, thinking intelligent machines at the scale of the species?

And just like artists, we pay them very well for their services.

From iPhones and amazon’s international shipping to reverse landing rockets and perhaps eventual colonization of Mars, we are grateful for everything these brilliant minds achieved for the species.

They could be just another of nature’s problem-solving black boxes which the evolutionary process figured out the species would need to further its existence.

This view of people now opens a new paradigm to look at welfare systems. Is it possible that the billionaire BlackBox must be taxed at 80% so that all that potential and talent can be used to solve human problems like healthcare, education, and poverty? That the inherent talents and gifts of intelligence and conscientiousness these people are born with are tools of evolution to solve the species’ problems and not some hedonistic permit card to spend all that potential on million-dollar cars, yachts, drugs, vacations, and lunches.

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