individualism and feminism

The Only Way Out Is Individualism

  • December 14, 2020
  • Posted in Culture

  Read this piece about feminism hurting women on I just hope the name unherd is some play on the concept of not being part of a herd or...

biden win one line

The Only Line BIDEN-HARRIS Chicks Have to Say About the Victory

  • November 14, 2020
  • Posted in Culture

“tODay Is LyK da crAzIeST DAY lyk EVERrrR, seEInG suM1 dAt LuKs LiiIkE me Is Da ViCe prEzeeDENT i mEEN LyYKE NOt oNLY a WOMAN bUT sUm1 FROm SouTH-AsIA I...

approaching women

What Can Approaching Women Do For A Straight Man

  • November 13, 2020
  • Posted in Dating

It’s like asking god if you deserve to exist. And any answer is a good answer because you dared to ask the question. — ranstigate The idea of approaching women...


The Theory of Life Credits

Does the image show a young lady or an old woman? We all understand credit cards, the part of it having a fixed limit beyond which you can’t spend part,...

rory gilmore getting bored of dean

Gilmore Girls — Rory Falling For The BadBoii

  Spoiler alert! This is art work coming to me for therapy so yeah, spoilers. I’m at the episode where Rory has started falling for Jess. Boy, is that annoying....

the left's invisible monsters

The Left Keeps Responding To Invisible Bullies and Monsters of Their Own Making

  The thought of writing this post comes from ayn rand’s concept of “argument from intimidation”. It was my first introduction to the idea of studying the style and tricks...

polygamy triad date

Dating In The Future Is Taking A Step Back To The Past

  I am kind of struck by the polygamy bug now for a few days, it’s no longer just in the back of my brain but taking up a lot...

india superower

Indians Built Dubai, The USA And Probably The Pyramids Too

India, that third world dirty AF in southeast Asia is like that loser friend of yours who can change her whole life in a few significant tweaks but her self...

indian matchmaking cringe

Netflix’s Cringefest Indian Matchmaking Says A Lot About Indian Collectivism

  Note: I’ve only seen the first episode yet, and I don’t think I am going to be able to go back to it, we’ll see. Right out the gate,...

redpill projections on women and dating

RedPill’s Projections on Women and Dating

  If you cannot tell yet, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time learning seduction, “pua”, “game”, or as feminists like to refer to it “virgin loser tricks”, etc. Now...

psyche controls us

Everything People Has It’s Own Agenda

Bret Weinstein on Joe Rogan’s podcast put a very succinct and powerful statement. He said; Don’t look at what people tell you is the goal of the system but see...

jung map of the soul and sam harris

Jung’s Map of The Soul And Sam Harris’s Free Will Claims

As covered in the last post, the book (MOTS from here on), covers a bunch of topics and concepts aimed at explaining the parts of the psyche. I only want...

jung map of the soul and sam harris

Jung’s Map of The Soul and Sam Harris

It’s unbelievable how you randomly pick up some book and it just starts shaking you up instantly. Hence there are all those deep quotes about how reading a book is...

money cant buy happiness

The “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” Idiots

  Given that someone I know shared this in the around the same time I lost 100k USD, I feel strongly offended. Where do I begin? In the material world...


Art is Extremely Hard Work

  I got the idea from a post on Reddit which was a challenge to those who tell wannabe artists “to get a real job”. The challenge was for such...

be brave

Be Brave Anyway… You Can Always Backtrack

  • February 25, 2020
  • Posted in Dating

  Bravery in the good ol times would be landing at the beaches of Normandy in 1945 taking machine fire right when you open your military vessel doors, but today...

big deal

Making A BIG Deal of It.

  The “it” can be anything here. Anything which creates enough anxiety to make you avoid doing what you should be doing or want to be doing. For me writing...

OCD brain

Raised To Be OCD

  I spoke to my dad 2 weeks back and he does this thing which drives me up the wall inside my head, it’s like I am trying to scratch...

Édouard Cortès's paintings

The Evil Western Civilization

  • February 8, 2020
  • Posted in Culture

  In the past 2 days, I have had some interesting conversations with a colleague and a friend, who’s also a colleague, of mine. I was stumped and stunned what...

blackbox thoery

A Black Box Theory of Understanding

The BlackBox Theory/Concept In computer programming and software engineering, black box testing is used to check that the output of a program is as expected, given certain inputs. The term...

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